About us:

A Media company specializing in consultancy, PR, events, Digital Transformation, Blockchain, and Web3 technologies, with a keen focus on the MENA region. This platform was established by Rudy Shoushany, an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker, mentor, and a prominent figure among the Top 50 Global Thought Leaders. Over time, it has experienced continuous growth and expansion, incorporating various live talks, podcasts, media content, training sessions, events, and more into its portfolio.

Media & Events:

We participate and collaborate with multiple events every year, and we keep our network up to date with the latest discussions in media, technology, digitization, fintech and more. Our strong network and connections provide many opportunities for Individuals, startups, and organizations.

DxTalks podcast: 

Live on YouTube | En & Ar | Monday's, 6:30 PM KSA Beirut Time – 7:30 Dubai Time

The Only Digital Transformation Talk show, in the MENA region, highlighting major emerging technologies that have the potential to impact numerous industries. It features experts, researchers, innovators, investors, entrepreneurs, startups, and tech executives at the core of digital transformation.

CRYPTOTALKS weekly podcast:
Live on YouTube | En & Ar | Every Wednesday, 6:30 PM Beirut Time – 7:30 Dubai Time

A broadcast dedicated to the world of, blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs, Web 3.0 and the Metaverse. We deliver talk shows that enable individuals and corporates with important key knowledge and skills to showcase your company products and leaders.

Our Audience

Finance institutions
Government Agencies & Bodies
Oil and Gas
Power and Utilities
Venture Capitals
Technology Firms
Blockchain and Metaverse
NFT & Crypto
Digital Agencies


we are celebrating the 200 Episode 


DxTalks Media company launched 


Media company incorporated in Dubai


January was a Break for rebranding


December 29 2021 we celebrated the 100th episode


September we Launched Season 4


May 7th we kicked off DxTalks Season III


March 17 we Launched CryptoTalks

March 22 we celebrated our 1 year anniversary


In December we celebrated end of year 


In October 2020 we are launched season II


DxTalks Was Born in March

Covid-19 Came and Awakened the Idea


An idea was created and was kept dormant

Our Values