Binance Host First-Ever MENA Community Virtual Meetup,  Set to Giveaway 3000 USDT

August 25, 2023 by
Binance Host First-Ever MENA Community Virtual Meetup,  Set to Giveaway 3000 USDT
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Dubai, UAE - Binance, the world's leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, has announced its first-ever virtual meetup for the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) community on August 30th, 2023.

The meetup, organized by Binance MENA, aims to bring together crypto and blockchain enthusiasts from across the region to learn, network, and engage with experts on the latest developments and opportunities in the Web3 space.

Featuring informative sessions led by industry leaders, the meetup will have panel discussions on three highly topical themes - how AI is changing workplaces, the NFT landscape, and blockchain education as the bedrock of Web3.

The session on AI will feature Ziad Yunis, Chief Information Security Officer at Binance Bahrain, and ELJABOOM, Founder of Ajoobz, who will provide insights on how artificial intelligence is transforming businesses and work environments.

The NFT-focused session boasts an impressive lineup of speakers, including Dr. Shurooq Amin, artist, curator, and NFT community member; Gabriel Khoury, Partner at Silk Legal; Leena Al Ayoobi, NFT artist and founder of NFT MENA; and Kristel Bechara, an award-winning contemporary artist. They will all be taking stock of the burgeoning NFT space and its evolution in the MENA region.

Abdul Malik Alsaqaeh, crypto influencer; Dr. Mohammed Al Hemairy, blockchain advisor; and Dr. Ruba Alswelmieen, architect and assistant lecturer, will shed light on the immense value of blockchain education. 

As pioneers in this nascent sector, they will emphasize blockchain literacy as the cornerstone for meaningful participation in Web3.

Additional speakers at the meetup include Rudy Shoushany, founder of DxTalks and CryptoTalks; Shaikha Almheiri, Academic Outreach Coordinator at Binance; Mohamad Alhusseini, Community Manager at Binance MENA; and Bandar Altunisi, Head of Business Development at Binance Saudi Arabia.

 With over 3,000 USDT in giveaways, the meetup promises to be an engaging and rewarding experience for participants. It will be held virtually on Binance Live starting at 8PM KSA time on August 25, allowing people from across the MENA region to join and gain valuable insights into the world of crypto, NFTs, AI, and Web3.

What Does This Meetup Mean for The Web3 Community in The MENA Region?

This first-of-its-kind virtual meetup organized by Binance MENA is a watershed moment for the Web3 community in the Middle East and North Africa.

By bringing together industry experts, developers, users, and enthusiasts from across the region, the event will help galvanize the community and catalyze growth.

The sessions on AI, NFTs, and blockchain education will allow participants to expand their knowledge and skills. They can gain valuable insights from regional pioneers to understand better the opportunities and challenges of building Web3 products for Middle Eastern and North African audiences.

The meetup will also foster connections and collaboration within the community, seeding partnerships and inspiring new ideas. With Binance demonstrating its commitment to developing Web3 in MENA, the meetup represents a significant milestone.

It cements the region's growing relevance in the global blockchain ecosystem and enables local talent to lead innovation for the new internet.

Meetup Showcases Binance's Global Vision for Crypto Adoption

Despite regulatory challenges in some jurisdictions like the United States, Binance has continued expanding its boundaries and cementing its position as the leading global player in cryptocurrency and Web3.

With its launch of the first-ever MENA community virtual meetup, Binance is bringing its expertise and resources to energize blockchain adoption in the Middle East and North Africa.

This shows Binance's commitment to serving the worldwide crypto community, regardless of geographic or regulatory barriers.

While Binance was compelled to limit offerings for US-based users, the company powered ahead with growth in other markets. It enabled crypto access for millions in emerging economies through integrations with mainstream payment apps and strategic investments.

The company also spearheaded Web3 innovation through the $1 billion Binance Smart Chain accelerator fund. By backing promising projects across gaming, metaverse, AI, and more, Binance is fostering an open ecosystem where developers worldwide can build solutions that will shape the new internet economy.

Despite controversies and opposition, Binance and its visionary founder, Changpeng Zhao, have remained steadfast in their greater mission. They aim to maximize economic freedom and reach a future where finance is genuinely decentralized.

The MENA virtual meetup is just one of numerous examples where Binance is rising above regulatory constraints to empower communities and expand the blockchain space.

With its global-first mindset, commitment to compliance, and continuing tech developments, Binance is cementing its leadership and ensuring crypto becomes an integral part of the world's financial infrastructure.