Crypto Expo Dubai 2023 Unveils Premier Sponsors and Stellar Speaker Lineup

September 18, 2023 by
Crypto Expo Dubai 2023 Unveils Premier Sponsors and Stellar Speaker Lineup

The much-awaited Crypto Expo Dubai 2023 is set to elevate the crypto  landscape to new heights with an exciting array of sponsors and a lineup of industry-leading  speakers. The event, scheduled for 20-21st Sept 2023, will take place at the prestigious Festival Arena,  Dubai Festival City and promises to be a milestone in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. 

Premier Sponsors Take the Stage 

Crypto Expo Dubai 2023 proudly announces its premier sponsors, who are at the forefront of driving  innovation in the crypto industry. The event is honored to welcome: 

• Diamond Sponsors - Coino, Discover Cardano, Exolo, Fastex. 

• Platinum Sponsors – Axiom Capital, Doric Network, Morse, Poolse, Tradensa, Uns. • Gold Sponsor – MrMint. 

• Silver Sponsors – 3- verse, bitfinder, istakapaza, Koinpro, NNN – community,,  sociallocket and many more.  

With their unwavering commitment to advancing the crypto landscape, these sponsors will  contribute to making Crypto Expo Dubai 2023 an exceptional experience for all attendees. 

Stellar Lineup of Speakers 

Crypto Expo Dubai 2023 will feature insights and expertise from some of the brightest minds in the  crypto and blockchain space. Dr. Ebrahim Al Alkeem, Dr. Sid Ahmed Benraouane, Patrick Tobler,  Ahmad Al Tarawneh, Laura Kornelija Inamedinova, Amalia Grochal and may more be set to share  their invaluable knowledge, strategies, and predictions, providing attendees with a unique  opportunity to gain insights into the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

"We are delighted to showcase our premier sponsors, whose contributions are instrumental in  making Crypto Expo Dubai 2023 a resounding success. The event is designed to foster meaningful  connections, exchange of ideas, and exploration of cutting-edge technologies of the crypto industry,"  said Michael Xuan, CEO of HQ MENA, Crypto Expo Dubai 2023. 

The event will encompass a wide range of activities, including informative sessions, engaging panel  discussions and unparalleled networking opportunities. Attendees can expect to leave with a deeper  understanding of the crypto world and its transformative potential. 

Crypto Expo Dubai 2023 Unveils Premier Sponsors and Stellar Speaker Lineup
DxTalks September 18, 2023
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