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The new era of startup acceleration is here. Fractal web3 accelerator launched an accelerator program for startups on January 16.

This program for web3 startups focused on scoring improvement, traction, and raising of investments.

The Blockchain market introduces new formats, technologies, and methodologies. Developers are facing new challenges that require entrepreneurial skills to overcome. That is precisely what the Fractal web3 startups accelerator program focused on.
The fractal team started an online accelerator program for the first group of Web3 projects that has MVP. The accelerator is needed to promote the development of technologies and accelerate the mass adoption of web3. That is possible by bringing together teams from different countries, accelerating the development of their projects, and making projects more attractive to investors by applying international methodological standards.

The goal of an accelerator is to prepare a project to attract investment, get it, and multiply it. The accelerator provides teams with the necessary expertise, specialists, and experts from web3. It is the ecosystem and community that accumulate the experience and resources of partners. And all startups can join and use it for their growth.

The duration of the program is 13 weeks, running online.
What do we offer to our projects:
1. Online lectures and AMA sessions
2. One-on-one work with experts and trackers
3. Teamwork on the topic of the week
4. Networking
5. Pitch training
6. Interaction with investors and investment fund analysts.

Meet the Startups of batch #1:
Cyber Pravda
A project to eliminate fakes on the Internet. Verification is done using an algorithm based on graph theory

Web3 membership platform to help creators monetize their creativity and social capital through defi-subscriptions + nft content and create DAO community around themself

A project to work with financial onchain reputations that aim to massively leverage unsecured loans on blockchain by DeFi protocols and individual borrowers

An investment ecosystem that combines a launchpad, an information resource, and an academy

Creon (RebelRun)
Gamestudio, the top game in beta test now 

Telegram bots to track balances from cryptocurrency exchanges and portfolio analytics

Cock fights
The first cybersport fighting game with the P2E model

Educational product for teenagers in a gamified metaverse

B2B solution in the metaverse on blockchain infrastructure

The international gaming guild. The main directions: the NFT scholarship program, venture capital investment, training, and joint earnings in blockchain games

STEAM web3 for web2 games

Gamified AR universe with an elaborate storyline and mechanics

Tokenization of credit debt

Multiplayer online shooter GameFi with an advertising platform for brands

Software to search for perspective defi-tokens via onchain analytics and social network research

Investing in musicians' intellectual property

An entertaining meta-universe with a focus on fashion and beauty, avatar marketplace, and digital fashion

Unified user profile on blockchain technology for secure storage of game assets and game experience

New generation NFT marketplace without transaction fees within the marketplace.
5 SBT templates.

Game changer of the fan engagement market with their launchpad, exchange, and marketplace. The first celebrity on the platform is Roberto Carlos (20 million subscribers), he is supported by the biggest insta-football public 433 (60 million subscribers)

The first decentralized OTC center for low-liquid DeFi assets and secondary market

Web3 social media with Time2Earn mechanic where users earn tokens by watching content and socializing, creating and training their digital avatars, and participating in gamified challenges