February 4, 2023 by

​The Fintech Times' Journey to the Middle East & Africa Fintech Industry

The Middle East and Africa (MEA) is a truly exciting region as it is the backdrop to some of the world's fastest-growing economies and countries undergoing significant transformation: fintech is playing a part in this.

It is such an honour to write a report for a region that, to be frank, I knew little about until recent times, but I - like a quarter of the world's population - am now proud to call it my current base and home. I've loved the opportunity to help spearhead and architect the 2022 edition of this report, following the success of our pilot study in 2021. I hope it helps readers grasp various aspects of MEA, its economic development and, most importantly, the growth in importance of fintech in the region.

It is narrow-minded to think that the MEA is not contributing to the global success of fintech even in comparison to more 'valuable' regions. Yes, it may be delivering less per venture capitalist (VC) funding or have fewer fintechs, but from my experiences while living here, there's so much worth talking about when you hear the stories behind the initial figures.

This region has not only grown in its contribution to the fintech sector but has even exported its know-how to much of the world while impacting on the wider narratives of financial inclusion and economic development.

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