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Middle East Women Leaders’ Summit

After a successful first day of this year’s Middle East Women Leaders’ Summit - an initiative by Verve Management - we were beyond excited to welcome our day-two attendees with open arms. 

Today, we continued to shift societal focus on the importance of women’s recognition, and the acknowledgment of their immense contributions to the community, and the workplace. In order to create meaningful, yet sustainable progress within society, it is crucial to take steps toward gender equality while venturing beyond ordinary stakes. The goal of this summit was to do exactly what the word recognition implies - to recognize incredible women in the region, who’ve pushed through every barrier and seized every fruitful opportunity that has come their way with utmost resilience.

Verve Management set out to recognize some of the region’s most pioneering women at the awards ceremony yesterday; we successfully brought various industry leaders together, to celebrate their milestones and individual achievements. Our honorees included executives and founders of corporations such as Standard Chartered Bank, Siemens Energy, Peacefull, Byju’s, NEOM, and CNN Arabic Services. Initiating the conversation through the course of the summit, on day two, was Felice Friedson - President & CEO of The Media Line, and our chairperson for the summit. Felice led a conversation structured to learn how to combat stereotypes and derogatory innuendos centered around women in business; it’s through summits like Women Leaders’ that we’re given the ability to delve into the significance behind nurturing the right talent, in order to help exceptional women move up the ladder in their careers.

Technology and digitalization are also playing an important role in the world and workplace today, and delving into what’s next for women in tech seemed fitting, as Melda Akin - CEO of D14.AI, Maryam Habil - Vice President of Media Intelligence & Innovation at Mubadala, and Safaa Almajthoub - Executive Vice President at Digital Health Center of Excellence at the Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia honed in on. Moreover, as digitization takes the front seat in banking, Safaa Almajthoub went over how difficult it can be for women to break into a field as traditionally-inclined as tech; “As a woman trying to break into this field, you need a strong support system. A leader is a leader, however, sometimes it is necessary to distinguish between men and women at the leadership table, since we don’t always get the recognition and support that we deserve.” said the Vice President of Strategic Planning & Transformation at KSA’s Ministry of Health. 

This summit, in conclusion, gave us the stellar opportunity to break ground in the conversation surrounding the recognition of those trying to aspire to inspire. We, as women, are always uplifting each other through tough times and triumphs, and we will continue striving to do the same, at every opportunity we get.

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