October 17, 2022 by

DxTalks Set to Reward Top 25 Influential Women in Blockchain and Fintech in the MENA region

DxTalks, the Digital Leaders Platform for Events & Media Partnerships founded in 2020 by famous Speaker and mentor Rudy ShouShany, is set to announce the winner of the top 25 Influential women in Blockchain and Fintech in the MENA region after a thorough and holistic nomination and judging procedures.

The Award, the first of its kind, which is a collaborative effort with Women in Tech Dxb, Arabs in Blockchain, Women Blockchain Talks, LLWB, and Noon DAO, seeks to acknowledge the groundbreaking and revolutionary strides MENA-based women are making in Fintech and Blockchain industry and serve as a motivation for more women who have the ambition of joining the industry to contribute their quota to technological advancement in the region.

There are now more women in Fintech and Blockchain Development in the Middle East and North African region than ever. All stakeholders need to unite to reward these efforts and ensure the next generation of women continues to be encouraged to join the industry.

Within July and August 2022, we received more than 100 applications from noteworthy and inspiring women in the Blockchain and Fintech Industry. With the aid of our experienced and impartial judges, we were able to prune down the numbers to the final 25 women who will eventually be awarded.

The final top 25 women will be announced on October 12th, 2022 and rewarded with unique and creative NFTs in their names for their remarkable contributions to Blockchain technology and Fintech solutions development in the MENA region.

In his remark, the Founder of DxTalks, Rudy ShouShany, said the initiative is aimed at recognizing the efforts and leading roles played by these top 25 influential women during the accelerated digital transformation in the post-Covid-19 era and seeks to motivate more women to join the Fintech and Blockchain Industry to develop the region’s technological advancements further.

DX Talks is an events, media, and consultancy firm specialized in the Digital Transformation, Technology, Blockchain and Web3 field focused on the MENA region.