Panel: The Future of Enterprise Management: Embracing Digital Transformation

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Panel: The Future of Enterprise Management: Embracing Digital Transformation

The Future of Enterprise Management: Embracing Digital




Good morning, good afternoon, I hope this panel will bring value the future of Enterprise management enhancing digital transformation in this panel today and the discussion we will explore the role of MatriX42 in enabling and driving digital transformation for organizations our panelists experts in the field will discuss the solutions and services offered by matrix42 that will help organizations streamline their I.T operations enhance service management capabilities and optimize endpoint management we will dive into real world examples and success stories with our clients discussing the challenges and opportunity of organizations face in their digital transformation Journey join us to gain valuable insights and perspective on how MatriX42 can Empower your organization to embrace the digital transformation and stay ahead of rapidly changing digital transformation good morning good afternoon hope this panel will bring great value the future of Enterprise management embracing digital transformation in this panel we will discuss and explore the role of Matrix42 in enabling and driving digital transformation for organizations our panelists and experts in the field will discuss the solutions and services offered by Matrix42 that will help your organization streamline their it operations enhance service management and optimize endpoint management we will dive into real world examples and success stories discussing the challenges and opportunities organization face in the digital transformation Journey join us and gain valuable insights and perspective on how MatriX42 Empower organizations to embrace digital transformation and stay most importantly ahead of the rapidly evolving digital transformation landscape.

I am Rudy Shoushany, Digital transformation expert DxTalks and I will be moderating this panel.

Welcome with me the panelists:
-Mr. Boris Samuel the VP of sales support MatriX42 headquarters Germany.
-Mr. Antoine Ibry managing consultant of signature consultancy 
-Mr. Julian Salem director of Coe Center of Excellence become offshore
-Mr. Walid Heloo managing director midis group
-Mr. Samer Hani director of sales and operations Matrix42 EA meta.

So Today, we're going to start with the first question, and it's going to be addressed directly to Julian, who is actually a customer of MatriX42; Julian, what are the key drivers and motivations for organizations to embark on a digital transformation journey, particularly in the context of Enterprise management.

Hi Rudy hi everyone, first of all thank you for having me here today it's a great honor for me to be part of this final discussion with this group of experts and share my insights on the topic of digital transformation about the key drivers for organizations to embark on this digital transformation Journey well I believe it's the realization that embracing digital Technologies and Innovation is no longer an optional nowadays but necessary for survival and growth the driving force behind our organization and many organizations digital transformation effort is not just the pursuit of The Usual Suspects such as increased efficiency cost saving competitive Advantage instead it revolves around the notion that embracing digital technology is crucial for the long-term survival and preservation of the organization themselves in this increasingly fast-paced technology driven World organization that fails to adapt and evoke will be facing the risk of becoming irrelevant or Obsolete and other words embarking on a digital transformation Journey organization of proactively securing the future but ensuring they remained a child Innovative and capable of meeting the ever-changing demands and expectation of customers and stakeholders well if you want to talk about these demands and expectations I can I can bring up the Streamline process digital tools and platforms nowadays enable us to automate and streamline processes to reduce manual effort and increase operational efficiency and this is exactly why we are purchasing at this point Matrix42 to adapt the processes we are creating in our organization inside the digital tool it helps us also also provide improved decision making with access to refined data and analytics Enterprise management can make data-driven decisions leading always to better outcomes and improved performance last but not least it enhanced collaboration digital transformation promotes collaboration communication within and across the teams breaking down the finals and fostering the culture of innovation and agilities and this is actually the main issues we are experiencing in small medium and big organization very interesting thank you uh Julian I think coming from perspective of a customer because you have the final output you have the final power you have the final test and check to verify and certify the product uh I think this is very valuable coming from your side we move to our second question how does digital transformation impact Enterprise management practices and what are the major shifts or transformation organization need to consider.

Boris what's your take on this well like Julian already said um organizations needs to transform organizations needs to adopt to what's the current status of the market and looking at the current markets today it's so that where we come in from an age where I.T was involved by business decision makers on a management level in corporations which turns out that we have to become a more organizational driver have to be the transformation driver for organizations in order to get gain uh and get more out of the corporation's abilities we at MatriX42 we love to say it's time to elevate people and accelerate services and that's specifically because uh given the fact that there are so many resources out there in modern I.T organizations that are very smart people Highly Educated people that have an understanding of how technology works but now we have to bring them from behind the screen to in front of the people make sure that they help the organization gets to the next level and discover the abilities of what that digital transformation and Enterprise service management actually means coming from the past we thought that Enterprise service management would be an incident management product a problem management a change management perhaps it would have been something that went from from the I.T to even another department whereas as of today users will tell us what process they want to have taken care of with modern technology where they want to see workflows whether we want to have portals that give faster and better quicker resolution to their issues during daily work and we want to make sure that with the the few resources that we have and we've seen a phase where it's quite hard to get additional people that are smart enough to help organizations to grow fast just because it's a war out there with regards to talent to use those people given the right tools and Technologies to walk through the Enterprise discover what capabilities they have and use them to uh with a smart technology to accelerate the services that those organizations provide in I.T and we're looking back to where I.T comes from it used to be so that like in the 70s where this was an organizational department for for data management rather than Information Technology right we need to get back to that thought of how can we help shape better organizations and use that uh ability to elevate people and accelerate Services specifically like there's a heavy squeeze on on the margins that that's a company's face.

Samer you also have uh some some ideas around that margins please, I just want to focus on few things that you guys have mentioned both of you uh you and Julian on the let's say the silos that we are having in the within the organizations those are functional silos but we really want to move them into a cross-functional sinus where we have the right collaboration and where we have the right workflow based approvals available there and when we talk about such digital transformation let's say enhancement of processes there will be nothing better than an Enterprise service management that caters to all of these servicing of requests incidents endpoints and so on very interesting thank you Samer.

I think this brings a totally new way of thinking of how to solve the problem and how today with the fast technology and digital transformation is really taking the world and then I'll follow up with another question with you Samer.

What are the potential challenges or barriers that organization May face when undergoing a transformation in the context of Enterprise management and how can these challenges be addressed.

Samer let me talk from The Matrix42 perspective is the shaping of experience so I'll give you two example on this let's say you have Kareem or Uber now you can see that there are the concept is renting a taxi but what they have contributed to their application is the experience where when you rent a car or when you call for a taxi all what you care about is looking at the map what time the driver will come he meets three minutes and then this kind of experience is not available in every and single corporate or the organizations that we work with so the tradition and let's say Enterprise service management you don't give yourself experience that would shape the organization in a better way because our people they are users living the usual life and we are going and checking Amazon apps they're checking the Uber apps and so on and they're getting the right experience rather than having it exactly the same within the old corporate so if you look at the challenges one is the experience that we have and then the resistance of employees because in the service management you have a new process of enabling uh the business line of businesses and you need to optimize those processes so imagine you have 10 years let's say employee who was doing the process exactly as he wanted 10 years ago and he doesn't want to change that so this will bring a lot of challenges in in this sense and then also the complexity of Technologies so nowadays you have customers who are on-prem completely or forward they say I want also a hybrid between on-prem and on cloud and at the same time they have multiple systems and if you think about processes enablement from a business policies or technical policies this means that you need to do some sort of integration because and and this is where also another challenge integrating with Legacy systems and making sure that the process will flow from the request until the data center be it on premise or on the cloud and the most important thing as well also is the lack of the ROI and the call centers so those challenges let's say the major challenges in the organizations is that when we start applying those this platform like that Matrix42 carries you apply with that the correct course Center because every single request or every single process has a cost and that cost has to go to a tropical Center so how are you going to manage this with the finance team how are you going to explain to it that this is a new process a new way of thinking this might turn out to be a bit messy here.

I would love to hear Julian's feedback from a customer point of view and then I would love to hear as well walid's feedback from an MSP provider perspective Julian uh you're muted Junior yes hello can you hear me yes perfect okay so I guess uh sander you are asking the right question to the right person uh trust me today uh we've done a lot of homework a lot of research to pick the right tool and the right the right uh let's say the right tool for our model and we ended up with a purpose of confidence taking Matrix42 one from the experience and friendly management to the helpful and launchable staff to the stalking Community we are now in the process of adapting adopting actually Matrix42 as our ticketing tool and World Space Management solution to implement and apply our predefined sets of processes for our managed service solution uh moving this tool has enabled us you know from a traditional ID to a modern IP infrastructure with Cloud adoption and it's bringing tons of benefits to our organization I can State probably three uh three benefits that are mostly helping us today one is the cost efficiency the cloud computing illuminates the way the need for large front investment in Hardware infrastructures consequently we can scale our resource our I.T resources as needed and paid for what we use leading to cost saving and improved financial management to the type of sequence of sustainability and accessibility the cloud platform offers scalability along with us to easily adjust our Computing resources based on demand ability enables us to quickly respond to changing means and the Deep workload scale operations cloud services enabled organization right hours to provision and deploy completely important with just few clicks I think you can spend you can spin up virtual servers storage and networking components reducing the time required for Hardware procurement setup and configuration okay thank you thank you Julian.

Antoine because you're on the implementation side and as a partner and whether you are an SMB or a large Enterprise how does digital transformation initiatives in the Enterprise management help those organizations streamline their process and improve their operational efficiencies and most importantly today's I think it's very important to Drive the cost saving well.

Before answering this I would like to elaborate more on what Simon was saying especially the resistance from employee and stakeholders and this is related to resistance to change so communication is very important in here so the benefit of digital transformation and communication of this benefit and provide training and supports for the employee involve the employee and the decision making processes or practices now getting back to the to the to your question well I would say the first thing to look at when it comes into practices on processes is automation of manual tasks and this is very important when you come into digital transformation it will it will enable the automation of repetitive and manual task this will reduce the human error uh accelerate processes or practices and free up employees time for more strategic and value-added activities and this is related such a hard delay or robotic process automation streamline workflow like we see in Matrix42 Enterprise service management and this is an achieve greater operational efficiency another point an important practice when it comes into large or as an MP Enterprise adopting digital transformation if the customer experience and engagements and this is where we talk about digital transformation allow the organization mainly to enhance the customer experience and engagement through various channels by implementing customer relationship Management systems or Enterprise service management system for I.T service management uh also by providing self-service portal and this is where Matrix42 will give a big value and we are talking about about advanced UXUI organization also provide a seamless consistent and personalized experience to the customers or the end users and we see this with with Julian's customers uh also experience leads to higher customer satisfaction loyalty loyalty from customers also increase revenue for the organization or the Enterprise or small medium business customers hi cloud computing as as Julian mentioned he talked a lot about Cloud compute and where do the value will be given to the to the customer and their end users and I will ask therefore remote work and flexibility so with digital transformation become even more crucial when it comes into remote work I don't think digital tools such metrics 42 and the platform for remote collaboration not only remote work uh also project management communication organization can maintain business continuity ensure employee productivity and reduce the overhead costs associated with the physical office spaces on the challenges and also on the uh improving operational efficiencies thanks thanks Rudy and thanks everyone let me shed some light on how to connect the dots between what Julian request is for his business and for his customers what Buddhist mentioned on the digital transformation that every business is really going through and from more from a tools perspective or from platform perspective what somewhere mentioned so you have right now the pressure is the 24x7 operation the second pressure is about the 24x7 availability of each and every business so going back to the example that somewhere shared you don't care about the application you don't care about the platform everything that you care for is within two minutes the taxes should arrive to pick you up you know and this is what really driving the business transformation these days yes it's not about only cutting down on cost it's not about only developing a new platform or deploying a new a new tool or a process yes it's about being there on time it's about supporting the core business for the customer to really scale and really understanding the the market requirement and saying the customer requirement and entering the agent requirement and the back end as more of a responsibility for a service level agreement making sure that all these businesses are fully operational at any point of time the businesses always responded at any point of time this is I think the key point that relay Matrix42 allow us to deliver and if you go there about how you make sure that the application is available how you make sure that the data is secure how you make sure as the end user is able to access the application and access the platform how you'll be able to make sure that the transaction is happening on time so it's a combination of three four five different perspective at all time that has to be always streamlined at any point of time and again Matrix will do allow us to really give us the flexibility give us the scalability and give us the availability to be able to deliver such a service uh thank you Waleed for your valuable uh input on this.
My question will go to Antoine how does Matrix42 contribute to this digital transformation journey of organization and can you provide an overview of the solution and services it offers and the specific context.

Antoine: I would love to interfere here with one comment it's very important that customers whoever is willing to implement Enterprise service management and enhance the transformation or enhance the the digital let's say plan they have is to look at processes in a very serious way and what happens sometimes with customers is that they think that Matrix42 or any other service management provider with brilliantly like you know fix like magic everything no this is not the case because it's hard work rather than Magic we carry the itil standards so Matrix42 can go and jump more than let's say 15 processes especially if we Club the service desk processes like incident requests self-service catalog Etc plus the asset management the software license asset management and so on so but the key Point here is that customers has to invest with the right consultant that can set the process in the beginning aligned with the itil standards and then implements and this is superior here and I would love that Antoine can shed some light on this as well while he's answering his question well absolutely absolutely summer so we've been doing this for years now and yeah this is a start Point having practices in place having the documentation having the communication and the education for the organization and end user so they understand what to do they understand the standard behind what they are doing and what is the value so having this documentation in place is very crucial and we are talking about a very big list of of practices to be adopted now having these processes just as a document will not help the customers moving into life now and most important with Matrix42 is bringing these documentation bringing these practices and implemented in life environments so here we are following ITI hello following covet 2019 and many other standard or best practices or methodology such as CIS security and the Matrix42 yes we'll move these from the drawer into the organization will let the end users and customer use the please documentation use these practices by adopting Matrix42 technology and I'm gonna focus on two main points the Enterprise service management from Matrix42 and the digital or the security platform from Matrix42 when it comes into the Enterprise service management it is available for many of these practices out of the box so you just install this software and start using these practices directly and I will give an example the change so change management when it come into it change management and adopting change management so we'll help the the employee the end user and the customer understand the changes how to use the change management and what if the value of change management from Matrix42 and many other practices and when you come into digital Security Management mainly it will adapt and ensure that the security will protect the customer privacy will protect selfish significant challenges when you come into  security I think it's an interesting discussion and before we continue just want to advise our viewers to have their questions in the chat we will get back to you and then we will tag you accordingly so you will be notified yeah I would love to hear  questions from the end user from the viewer it's very important so we can answer what they have in their mind before  Rudy let me just confirm from my perspective I have a lot of feedback from Julian I don't know hello can you lower the kind of the speakers go ahead Julian okay so before I continue uh 

Boris I'll jump into and I'll ask you a question can you share any specific use cases and success stories where Matrix42 has played a significant role in driving those digital transformation within an organization I'm sure you have a lot which one would be the highlight maybe because you've been involved with a lot of projects right?

Boris thank you for the question actually I've been with Matrix for many years for more than 10 years now and so with that in mind I've seen many different customer scenarios projects across different technology sections and then also different processes that we're rolling out in the context of service management with those customers and I've approach three little um stories of customers that you might have heard of before um so that everybody feels comfortable with understanding what the customer scenarios are I would want to start off with an automotive company a company that helps building parts for cars um and it's a company from Canada called Magna Automotive International and what they do is with their around 170 000 employees is that they had a service Management in place many years ago that they felt like they had the hardest time to to pick up on what the customers wanted because everything that a customer would request they would go out and create a ticket for them and they would start working it off and it was just too too much and they were looking for how to find out what the five most requested things in that organization of 170 000 employees would be and then um find a solution that would sort of not absolutely but sort of fit most of the standards across the company because there's the difficulty is that they say we are international but we act oh so locally and that's true for so many companies that they want to keep their local operations their local standards but then also they want to have the help from Modern systems that come from corporate and that's what's the exact same case with Magna Automotive so what they was what they did was they started with five across the company standardized services that they started rolling out um several years ago and that in the meanwhile that they've been on their Journey from I.T service management to Enterprise service management has turned into more than 700 standardized Services across the company for the 170 000 employees so that whoever has requests may it be I.T facility or anything else for instance HR Services they could use Matrix42 access technology and then in the back end our workflows that will help solve the requests of those users I've got another one that comes from retail there's a company called Metro Group they're fairly large retail chain across uh across Europe and also um have some operations in Arabian countries where they do like Specialty Foods and certain restaurants as large distributor of uh cooling warehouses Etc but in one large operation is the Metro Group France right they are a Marketplace for restaurant operators with 100 warehouses across the company where they have like specialty food and restaurants can go and do their shopping there and they've created their own project for service management for Enterprise service management gave it a name they got that cloud-based concept it's called Lucy let us care for you is what they named it and what they've been doing was not only transforming their I.T services but mostly the HR and facility services that were very important for their warehouses and Logistics to run them through workflows based upon our Enterprise service management platform and so um and then last but not least um there is uh uh the important fact that they cut down service times for every single request on average being a seven day process that included even papers signing off Etc to cut it down to a day or two at Max so that they were way faster many hundred percent faster than they were before and then last but not least the sample from also long-term customer and the idea behind it I would want to talk about is not it's only increasing efficiency by partnership this is sporting goods company called Puma that is headquartered in Germany in the south of Germany and they are using our workflow technology to the edge we have a low code and no code workflow engine that people can use our customers can use to adopt their business process and find out how to optimize their operations and with that workflow engine that company Puma Sporting Goods they've taken that workflow to the edge and then have requested as being a prime partner to Microsoft and an early adopter in their environment on how we could help them to better integrate to delegate in Microsoft Technology so what we've done is we've used them as uh one of our technology partners and being a customer for so many years to take their voice and start building integration into Microsoft teams so that going forward people could just use teams to approve or deny service requests and make it way easier and that's the important thing is being a customer with Matrix42 means we have an open here for those customers and we can have projects together and help them find new ways on how they can gain more efficiency in order to elevate their people and then accelerate their services as well thank you Boris and then when when what what really picked up for for me is like we're talking about hundreds of thousands of customers or users of metrics you know and this is right this is unbelievable how you can manage using that so it's really important to understand the scale that it can go Way Beyond the Enterprise absolutely it could be for smaller customers as well as large ones so exactly there's something in the bucket for everyone yeah thank you for that 
I'll jump to Samer, I'm loving the discussion of how really it's going and how does matrix42 enable those organizations to really manage and optimize their endpoints from traditional desktops laptops and then we know there's a lot of movements especially now with mobile devices so it's not easy to to handle the environment anymore, back then it used to be behind the firewall in one place today it's all over the places and then adding to that IOT devices which I don't see often offered because this is part of the transformation right so Samer, how are you really enabling all of those 

Samer: what what I like is that we go into facts and I'm I'm gonna share my screen and then take you into facts like how we can see things and that's the beauty of Matrix42. why I'm showing this screen just to tell you that look at this dashboard and you can have thousands of those dashboards enabled what are the operating systems the computer manufacturer uh ownerships computer types and so many other things that you can have quick visibility at the same time in order to take quick actions now the fun part here is that they are all in a single platform this is what we are missing nowadays with the Legacy let's say companies that they have acquired much more companies in order to deliver a single solution but with Matrix42 when it comes to endpoint management and all other devices they are all in a single pane of glass and I'll give you a use case now it managers if they want to manage all these devices bring your own device or the corporate device or whatever they can select a task they can select all kind of devices they want for example it's a checkbox of high tide and Android phone Samsung for example iPhone and a Windows and a Mac and then I want to deploy for example Adobe and then I click next and if I want I can automate this completely from the service management that is embedded in a single platform can you imagine the power of a single coded platform that can deliver unmatched experience to manage those endpoints and to increase the efficiency and the productivity of the it players within the organization they have a full compliance understanding on who got what and who owns what and what kind of assets they carry I can have a full continuity process and let's say onboarding off-boarding of employees within minutes rather than days I can understand all the licenses that I can optimize be it for sap or Oracle or or so what we are talking about here is an unmatched experience and I would love just to show you this this kind kind of dashboard to tell you that this single platform is the right way to move forward and implement the digital experience and one more thing I would love to do in in seconds just to show our users now or to show whoever is attending this to understand how powerful is this and count with me the seconds okay look at this I'm gonna move right now into a local zero code application delivered on top of the service management guys when we are talking here is the new way of doing business look at this look how fast I've created right now a task that has a full ITIL standards into full Incident Management I've changed here the timing of the incident and if now I want to move it to another team I can have I moved it right now into the networking team where it's gonna be fulfilled by them all under the ital standards all under the process and the workflow approvals that the company have and they want to deliver do you see the power of Matrix42 and where we are right now so does this make sense here guys I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on that well let me I would like to elaborate more on on what was what were you showing summer and mainly on the dashboards and we always advise our customers to to have this Asset Management practice in place and with coming to asset and digital transformation we are more into software than Hardware rights so organization must manage their licenses these days and this is the most course part for any organization and this is where Matrix will add the biggest value when it comes into Asset Management within the license management so the customer can tell with Matrix42 how many license he acquired how many they are using and how many any is going to to renew for next year and this is a big reduce in course and operation cost year after year believe me once you adapt such a license management solution from Matrix42 this will give you a big return on investments since you mentioned and one since you mentioned this and this is very important for all who's attending this session to understand that there are customers outside sorry vendors outside they say that we can do license management or license optimization I would love to tell them one thing ask them if they have the ELP positioning the effective license positioning because this is what counts I don't want to Discovery mechanism I don't want only a dashboard that can show me how many licenses do I have I want an actual understanding of my ELP positioning right now and how much I need to stay in order to become compliant with sap or Oracle or IBM or Microsoft thank you interesting take I think on this and how the I love the demo you know the agility of this application not just the power the agility of how things can uh really you know been run zero code or no code and this is where again it jumps I'll jump into Julian because he's for me he's the certifier he's telling us is this really true is he really you know taking benefits of such uh Solutions and then on this how as a customer you know moving from traditional ID to Modern one and I'm sure you've you've tried this in your organization and everybody is transforming how this helped them to adopt Cloud concept from on-prem to on cloud and then optimize the operational efficiencies with complete license control and capacity planning knowing that those two are maybe uh the hardest things to really manage uh because those are directly with cost Julian absolutely let me let me just walk you a little bit through my journey and as a customer and shed some light also on what Antoine was describing before on how Matrix42 helped apply the processes into the digital tool when we started building our managed service model we're building now a managed service model for a big satellite provider to cover the whole globe so basically we thought it was a mission impossible to create our processes and have a digital platform that will enforce and apply these processes until we we met one day we were introduced to to Antoine and we were able to successfully complete the phase one of the project which were the processes and luckily Antoine introduced us later on to the Matrix42 family and the dream of applying to the exact processes that we have built in terms of Incident Management problem management asset management change management whatever you want X management we were able to to uh to introduce them into a tool that will effectively run these processes and now we are in the process of adapting The Matrix42 beginning system and work workspace management solution and to apply our predefined set of processes for the managed service solution about the second part of the question which is the cloud adoption this is very important for us also and uh I talked about the cost efficiency the scalability and flexibility the rapid provisioning before let me talk also about the enhanced security part uh you today the cloud service providers such as Waleed they often have robust security measures in place including data encryption backups Disaster Recovery plan by leveraging their expertise those organizations can improve the overall security posture of their I.T infrastructure also we can talk about improved performance and reliability as well the cloud platform typically offers high performance Computing capabilities redundant infrastructure and reliable service availability this will ensure consistent and uninterrupted access to applications and data minimizing downtime and overall system performance especially for companies like us who are based in in Lebanon this is very crucial for us very important thank you we understand the power of implementing those Solutions it's becoming clearer and clearer and this is where I'll jump to valid and Center again uh you know how does really this application and metrics address these challenges and complexities associated with this digital transformation from managing the diverse uh endpoints not just one we have a diversity today and ensuring security and compliance and delivering efficient I.T Services I'll start with valid and then I'll take it afterwards you need you need the scalable platform you need the capable platform that allow you to do that something that is easy on the flight that you can manage you need something that is agile that you'll be able to really choose from point A to point B you need something that allow you to really choose multiple destination be it on the cloud on-prem mobile someone working in a cafe someone trying to connect over VPN and so on you need this flexibility to download your this and again to answer the SLA from a customer point of view remember that every single customer these days is a 24x7 operation is not an 8 to 5 anymore and you see all sort of devices almost every every single month you see at least one or two new devices one into a new platform coming to security there are thousands of malicious attack that's happening on a monthly basis and you can see from the most uh outside repetitive vendors to some startup that they are just starting up lately into the business if you don't really deliver the right practice if you don't give the right security and the right Assurance for the customer that the data is encrypted the data is protected the connectivity is always available the security or measures are always taken and if you don't give those insights those dashboard at any point of time made it accessible for the customer to really go and check then you will fail as a service provider so you have to really drive the the right connectivity between what the customer is asking for what is the business is asking for and what is the tool that is really required to to deliver such on your premise for such a environment I can continue a little bit because it's very important just to drive the right connectivity between all the different points that were shared and business impact is the most critical part of of the Core Business and the core application yes you have to make sure that no business is impact at all or a very minimal business if something happened you can always drive the customer for for a safe a disaster recovery environment so that you'll be able to really minimize uh the the downtime for the customer and once you're able to achieve that then the customer will be able to really focus on the Core Business transformation strategy that the customer should be responsible for not for the uh for for the tools and for the processes and for the complexity you cannot enforce social certain devices or certain vendor you have to go for iPhone or you have to go for something you have to go for them or you have to go for HP you have to go for you know it's up to the end user whichever the customer is is really happy to use the customer has to use whichever the customer is implementing any process or tool the customer should be able to really implement this you as provider should be able to really allow this and have the right flexibility to cover it perfect summer would you like to pick up on this yeah yeah definitely I I would love just to explain few things when when we talk about compliance and insuring security and so on this is where we come into the picture with the asset management and the discovery mechanism that we have but remember if we cannot discover uh then we cannot secure and manage and I go always into facts I'm sorry but that's another screenshot of or like let's say the system live and you can see on the same platform you can have a complete dependency mapping and relationships and this is very important now Waleed as an MSP or the clients that we have they can truly understand what kind of assets are connected to their Network they can understand that there is a home device that is being connected that does not have the right let's say policies and compliance that goes within or aligned within the corporate or whatever Waleed is putting as standards in their stock and not and not only this the dependency mapping that we carry it carries all the sensible data and this is what customers really need is to understand that my server or my service is connected to this PC connected to this switch connected to that router and all of those we understand the dependencies and I can simulate the outage of that so which means I can categorize the risk of that particular service based on business based on the services that they carry and many many more so again back to the reality is that having such platform in place would deliver a lot of added value and I want I want to stop talking about Matrix here I would love that whoever is going to listen to us later on they're gonna understand that when we go to you we're gonna solve the problem we're going to make sure that we solve the problem we will not go away until it's being solved and that's what I love in Matrix42 we always solve the problem and especially when we have the partnered ecosystem around us from an MSP provider and their experience when it comes to the stock not delivering it as a service 99.999 Cloud availability or our Cloud availability data stages or Partners like Antoine who understands the processes so it's a complete gift gonna receive like customers gonna listen uh thank you thank you summer I think it's really important to understand the power of of such a tool and this this is where I'll start rounding up and then ending up with the last question to Boris and then we'll do a final quick uh 30 seconds uh takeaways from each uh of us uh and then Boris it comes last to you how can you provide insights into the future roadmap of Matrix what's happening I don't know how much can you share with us there's I don't know there's a lot of Secrets a lot of cooking also happening and how to continue to evolve to meet those changing needs of organization that are undergoing currently digital transformation as I mentioned before our aim is to help people to get to get more out of their work time because it's hard to get new people and that's our aim we want to make sure that Services become better now I've I can't elaborate on the whole roadmap now just to the sake of timing but whoever is interested make just contact Matrix from to find out how we can help them also in the future but I borrowed again like three different things that I would want to talk about that we're currently building upon um to short and mid-term because that's like the relevant stuff to the people that may decide working with Matrix which you on a short term scale uh in everybody's uh discussions right now machine learning of course is a Hot Topic also for matrix and while we work a lot with knowledge when talking about all those ITIL based processes all around the service management then we need smarter Solutions than ever when it comes to indexing & tagging knowledge compression making sure that all of the contacts that we get from tickets from service requests get automated in a smarter fashion than they are today and that's something that we'll have in a short time frame so that will help our customers to get more out of the content that they have in their database already by using smarter technology using machine learning technology um but with that in mind while talking about all of the the ITIL based process and all of the Enterprise um um speed up process we must not forget about the budgeting and while budgeting is hit hard by not having the right people and not having access to technology we're all trying to push our stuff out to the cloud now with that in mind um we have a new emphasis as being one of the the software Asset Management vendors in the world out there who are actually like Oracle database and Java certified who are um accepted like uh Auditors around the world for their Microsoft um software Asset Management uh auditing capabilities it's not only that but we're seeing a new trend that also marks a change in how software Asset Management actually happen just because of the cloud and having Cloud cost management as a new discipline which we already have for like the Microsoft, adobe's and a few more this is going to have a new emphasis in the future where we're going to invest in additional vendors but then also other hyperviser Technologies other CloudService operators to cut their cost and put that into the reporting and then also like the reports that we just saw from Samar as well and then making sure not only that we're taking care of the cost but then help people ease the work that they have when working with Matrix from two consoles while the smart machine learning helps additional data helps want to make sure it becomes easier to work and what summer already expressed like uh having the ability to have a smart release management once we want to roll out something and we don't want to know which type of device OS is behind but we want the system to take smart decisions on how to get that piece of software out to the edge on where it's actually needed and well working on a new set of release management processes from within our Enterprise service management workflows that will not only be limited to software management but to all different types of releases in an organization whether it be also facility HR or software from the it that are part of that release management set that we want to roll out some memories but that's it there's way more that we could talk about and way more ideas that we have on how we can help improve our customers Workforce Empower them help them get things done faster with less resource and making sure we don't hit their budgets thank you Boris and then now give every one of you a chance to quickly summarize it up so that we can close today's panel I'll start as the screen shows.

Julian then Walid and Samer than Antoine 
Julian: I want to confirm from my side also on what the what samer said as well our incentive as a customer to go with Matrix42 today and to work with this group of people is the actual ecosystem that was built between Matrix42 signature consultancy it's giving us a turnkey solution where we can build the processes for our model uh insert the processes into a digital tool in order to apply them and have them set up on a cloud where they can be secure and scalable so thanks for that and good luck guys for the future thanks thanks Julian if if you're just listening throughout throughout almost like maybe a 40 or 50 minutes it looks like it's quite complex yes but I think with the investment of all the parties together we made the service management operation management and business management extremely simple and by what I mean by exceeding the simple is within 24 hours any customer can be onwarded within 24 hours a week and start delivering on the customer and I think this is where we made and we converted complex environment complex item configuration stool processes and people and whatever it takes in a very simple manner that can it answers all the requirements from business from people from change from business requirements from applications and so on in a very simple way that any person can can understand it and any any customer can start on running in less than 24 hours well let me add so mainly if you want to get the most return on investments when it come into tools such Matrix42 I would advise and always advice start with the process design have the processes in place so you can gain and use most of the tools most of Matrix42 can give you so you you you gain more from practices rather with us or you will do it in-house doesn't matter just start with the process design process documentation yeah thank you thank you Antoine and thank you also Julian thank you for giving us such uh trust and credibility and uh thank you Waleed also for the same thing thank you Antoine.

Samer: I'm not going to talk about Matrix42 I'm going to talk about the people about the heroes that they are available in the Middle East here the team that we carry they are all bunch of Heroes with great morals we are working with our customers to become the best partner for them to become the most strategic partner for them and I can assure you now we work based on models we work based on utmost commitment to our customers to our partners to make them better to apply their uh any kind of strategies and help the middle management help their own all of their employees to maintain such understanding of strategy of our customers to become better in business and make sure that they will remain the best among the competitors as well.

So thank you all when you work with Matrix42 here you work with great minds and great people that they will always take care of you and not sell you thank you thank you for staying with us on this panel don't forget to follow Matrix42 on all social media platforms we'll put them in the description don't forget to ask your questions depending on which platform you come in and we will definitely answer them and we'd like to thank the Matrix42 and the customers and the Consultants that joined us today that really brought a lot of value. 
Matrix42 is the solution for all your Enterprise management digital transformation with that I'd like to thank you and see you with the next one and the next panel.

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