Arab Blockchain Week 2021 Press Release

June 6, 2021 by
Arab Blockchain Week 2021 Press Release

AlBrza “Powered by GloryThink Group” and Arabs in Blockchain Co-Host Arab Blockchain Week 2021 Virtual Summit to Showcase Arab's Technological Leapfrog.

The Press Release:

COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the Arab region’s tech resilience. Since the 2010s, the Arab Region & Countries has witnessed an upward trend of data outflow and historically high rates of social media and smartphone penetration. Simultaneously, the Arab governments have been directing vast resources toward the digitalization of their infrastructure by creating the needed institutions, amending legislation, partnering with “Big Tech,” and building local human capital. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly been the biggest test of the Arab’s digital infrastructure to date, but the region has proved to have formidable digital resilience.

Though blockchain technology is arguably in its nascent stages across most of the Middle East, governments in the region are beginning to leverage the technology to streamline public administration, bolster financial services and optimize business processes.

But MEA governments are continuing to develop foundations of legislation for blockchain-based projects, most notably outlining policy for blockchain-based financial and contractual transactions. With the support of governments across the region, banks are developing blockchain-powered exchange systems and blockchain start-ups are popping up with innovative blockchain solutions.

And because of that AlBrza & Arabs in Blockchain cooperates to launch a dedicated Blockchain Week ( Arab Blockchain Week from 12-17 June 2021 ) in its 1st edition  to support the growth of Blockchain and Crypto across the Arab region, which will include Arab EmTech & Startups Conference the biggest Emerging Technologies & Startups related event in the MEA region.

Arab Blockchain Week is a decentralized community-organized initiative. It is a time frame where many blockchain-related activities are hosted and managed by a group of Technology enthusiasts sharing their passion for blockchain technology, Education, Business, and the importance of empowering the Arab community in blockchain for a better future. During this Week We invite projects, individuals, and anyone interested in fruitful and educational discussions to join us virtually on the 12 – 17 June 2021.

The Arab Blockchain Week will be running multiple initiatives to support the Education, Business & startups communities, like:

        Blockchain 101 Day – Fully in Arabic: An online full-day event for blockchain absolute beginners in the Arab world  where all blockchain enthusiasts  can learn about blockchain in Arabic, know the basics, exchange knowledge,  meet experts, and network with each other to strengthen the blockchain community in the Arab world. The language is Arabic.  The ultimate goal is to increase the blockchain awareness in  the Arab world through onboarding web2 users to the web3 world.

        Blockchain RESEARCHER Day - In both languages AR/EN : An online full-day event for blockchain in academia where all academicians interested in blockchain can exchange knowledge,  meet experts, and network with each other to strengthen the blockchain researcher community in the Arab world. The language is either Arabic or English based on the speaker's preferences.  The ultimate goal is to support the Arab blockchain researchers in the blockchain domains and connect them with the global community where they could learn more and contribute to narrow down the gap in the local universities and empower the Arab world in blockchain domains.

        Other hosted activities by other organizers in the Arab and International Communities in Blockchain domain.

        During this week we will have the 2nd version of Arab EmTech & Startups Conference: the FREE & Online 3 days of Experience shearing, EmTech experts, networking, useful knowledge, relaxation, and much more. Which will take place from 15th – 17th June 2021.

Arab EmTech & Startups Conference slogan is: “The Future of Emerging Technologies in the Arab Region, Success and Lessons Learned ”

In this 3-days Conference, attendees will have a chance to get a detailed view of what exactly is happening in the Emerging Technologies world lately, & Especially in the Arab Regions. We will answer the main questions about Emerging Technologies & What Challenges and Opportunities that startups have during and post the Global Pandemic. You will learn how to adopt the latest technologies to get a competitive advantage, learn about real business cases, and gain valuable knowledge for creating and managing teams in a rapidly growing startup ecosystem.

Major Participants from sectors like Health, Finance, Energy, Education, Government, Transport, and Smart Cities will get benefits from their attendance at the conference.

Arab EmTech & startups Conference will provide plenty of time also to connect with other people and have a chat at our social event or schedule a mentoring meeting.

Besides all that, the conference goals will not end with the last day of the conference, there will be more activities and engagements after it, to continue the journey of learning & success together because Arab EmTech is more than a conference”.

Arab Blockchain Week” backs the efforts of the MEA regulators to adopt the required regulations to embrace blockchain and become a main global player in the technologies shaping the future. The ambition of the Co-hosts is to make Arab Blockchain Week the key platform for dialogue and networking between all stakeholders in blockchain to transform it into a reality across all Arab Regions.

"AlBrza" is an Emirati Platform & the first of its kind in the world, which brings together future initiatives to in line with the UAE vision & the directives of the rational government in to see the UAE Government Centennial Plan (2071), Our Aims to be the Only Arab Platform focusing in Emerging Technology by facilitating connections, collaboration, & business generation among our members within multiple domains of emerging Technologies, Startups Entrepreneurship supported by Private & Public sector, done the 6 Main Pillars ( AlBrza ConnectX , AlBrza KnowledgeX , AlBrza EntrepreneursX , AlBrza PublicityX , AlBrza ServicesX, AlBrza NetworkX ).


Arabs in Blockchain is a hub that gathers all the Arab in the blockchain domain. Our main goal is to build a strong supportive community and explain blockchain for Arabs in their own language ( Arabic) to facilitate the know-how transfer and eliminate the language barrier. We aim to connect the global and the local community in Blockchain.

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