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DxTALKS announces strategic Media partnership with Arab Blockchain Week   

May 31, 2021- DxTALKS has entered into a strategic Media partnership with Arab Blockchain Week (ABW).

This partnership will be supporting both parties in their mutual efforts in enhancing blockchain in the Arab region. The two PARTNERS will be cooperating on the organization of the first version of Arab Blockchain Week's activities to bring further awareness on the blockchain technology in the region, and subsequently, create a strong supportive community and  lots of opportunities.


In this regard, PARTNERS look forward to fostering a strong relationship in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region landscape as part of PARTNER’s coordinated effort to build the Blockchain ecosystem.


Initially, the partnership will revolve around bringing forward Arab Blockchain week. With time, the Partners will also collaborate on events in the MEA region and Beyond.

About DxTalks

DxTalks is an open Platform to the Digital Transformation Network & Community to advance by bringing value and knowledge in the latest progression of emergent technologies, strategies.
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 About Arabs Blockchain week

A decentralized community-organized initiative. It is a time frame where many blockchain-related activities are hosted and managed by a group of Technology enthusiasts sharing their passion for blockchain technology, Education, Business, and the importance of empowering the Arab community in blockchain for a better future. During this Week We invite projects, individuals, and anyone interested in fruitful and educational discussions to join us virtually on the 12 – 17 June 2021.

 Contact Information:

 Partnership Date: May 31 2021