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Recognizing the TOP 25 Women in Fintech & Blockchain

The Results are in

Congratulation to all Selected leaders in the Fintech and Blockchain Space in the MENA,  you are making 

the Middle East and North Africa a better place.

As a debut event by DxTalks, we Focused on influential women working in Fintech & Blockchain in the Middle East & North Africa, who are contributing to the region.

Acknowledging the fact that there are now a lot more women working in the fintech & Blockchain sector, further efforts are needed to ensure future & current leaders are highlighted hence inspiring the new generation.

DxTalks together with the esteemed judges, recognize the efforts and the leading roles played by the selected women during the accelerated digital transformation post-Covid-19 pandemic.

If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

Henry Ford

                                                    TOP 25 WOMEN LEADERS IN FINTECH AND BLOCKCHAIN                                    

Find below in no chronological order the list of the top 25 leaders  

           Nomination open     
        July - August 2022

1st Annual - MENA Women in FinTech & Blockchain



Judges Deliberation

Top 25 Women in Fintech & Blockchain Announcement

Raja Al Mazrouei

Location - UAE

Executive Vice President of FinTech Hive at DIFC. She is a visionary and influential leader within the finance and technology sectors.


Fatma ElSafty

Location - UAE    

  Founder & CEO at MetaEssence.



Mirna Sleiman

Location - UAE 
Founder & CEO of Fintech Galaxy ,
-She is creating an open innovation platform that enables open banking and finance.

Mirna sleiman

Ambareen Musa

Location UAE 

-She is an execution-oriented leader who brings excellent business acumen to any situation. 


Abeer Khdr

Location - Egypt

Global thought leader.
-She has more than 20 years of experience in technology and information security fields securing the financial and Fintech world.


Dina Sam'an

Location - Bahrain

CoinMENA Founder & managing director.
-Very passionate about crypto assets and financial markets, I strongly believe in the power they have to redefine the landscape of the financial world.


Noora Alshehhi

Location - UAE

Blockchain instructor Excellence Swiss Blockchain.
-Tokenization Specialist & Training Instructor, building a community of blockchain specialists.


Nagham Hassan

Location - UAE

Bintcoin Blockchain and Crypto Media Education.
-Crypto & Blockchain Content Creator seeking to spread crypto knowledge and adoption by providing educational content on my platforms.


Vilma Matilla

Location - UAE

Blockchain Tech Creator at
-Vilma has an impressive amount of knowledge of Blockchain/Business Strategies/ International Marketing.


khoula Al Harthy

Location - Oman

President of Oman blockchain club.
-Actively Building the Blockchain ecosystem in the education field in Oman


Amalia Grochal

Location - UAE

Founder MIRAI DAO.
-She’s on a mission for UAE to become the biggest Crypto and Blockchain Hub in the World. Partnering with different Entities results in mutual progress for a better future.


Juana Attieh

Location - Jordan

Founder L₳LKUL DAO & Co founder Fluus.
-She is on a mission aiming at facilitating the adoption of blockchain technology and decentralized systems in the Middle East.

Hasnae Taleb

Location - UAE

Founder & Ceo Mintiply, Inc.
-Nasdaq History Maker w/ a Business Mindset, who believes in turning great ideas into reality. 


Nadine Mezher

Location - UAE

Co-founder at Sarwa.
-An innovator in Fintech creating one of the first automated investment advisory platforms in the Middle East. 


Sharifa Albarami

Location -  Oman

Investor & Media influencer.
-An NFT, Crypto and Blockchain evangelist, and community builder, an active advocate for Oman Tech entrepreneurship


Dr. Saeeda Jaffar

Location -  UAE

General Manager of GCC Visa.
-She is a global digital payments leader in the middle east.


H.E Laila Rahhal El Atfani

Location -  UAE

Business Gate President & Founder.
-She is an epitome of Inspiration, and a renowned person working for women's empowerment and investment in blockchain


Noha Shaker

Location -  Egypt

Secretary General of the Egyptian Fintech Association and Vice President of the Africa FinTech Network.
-A Changemaker in the region to enable more financial inclusiveness.


Ola Doudin

Location -  UAE

CEO & Co-Founder, BitOasis. 
-Known as the “Bitcoin pioneer” in the region’s cryptocurrency ecosystem when she co-founded, the first and largest cryptocurrency platform in the Middle East.


Maria Vovchok

Location -  UAE

Blockchain Association Ukraine Blockchain Journalist / Conference Host / Moderator.
-She is passionate about blockchain technology and actively organizing blockchain events.


Dr. Jane Thomason

Location -  UAE

Founder, Speaker, Author, Futurist Global meta Blockchain.
-A Thought Leader who is a believer in Blockchain| DeFi| NFT| for Social Impact.


Ghizlan Guenez

Location -  UAE
CEO & founder of the Modist.
-She is on a mission to Bring women into Web3.0.  


Hajar Ouhsine

Location -  UAE

Co-CEO & Co-founder of the Modist.
-A Blockchain Entrepreneur enabling women's advancement into web 3 and NFT Lover.


Jenna Zenk

Location -  UAE

Founder and CIO of Kindi Capital.
-She is a software engineer with a background in financial markets and experience in asset management.


Eman AlAyyaf

Location -  Kuwait

Chief Executive Officer CEO of eman Alayyaf trading.
-She strives to make trading financial markets more accessible to investors of all types and abilities.



Raluca Berchiu

Location - Dubai

As a creative and resourceful Customer Experience thought leader, with over a decade of experience in organizational leadership, I bring a "unique perspective" to CX with a blended expertise of Business Development and Marketing. 

Kokila Alagh

Location -  UAE

Kokila is the Founder of KARM Legal Consultants and has 15 years of experience as a Corporate, Commercial and technology lawyer in UAE. She has a significant experience in investments, incorporations, joint ventures, project finance & private equity transactions. 

Kokila alagh

Randa Al Rifai

Location - Dubai

Randa owns an entrepreneurial soul and a distinguished leadership in the field of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology with 15 years of extensive experience in the banking industry. She have been passionately involved into this technology since 2016 and recognized as the first Middle Eastern women to be crypto-certified, as founded the first Lebanese bitcoin community. 

Eman Hirawy

Location - Egypt

Eman Herawy is a Blockchain geek, Techwomen Fellow 2022, Devcon scholar Alumni at Ethereum Foundation and founder of ( العرب × بلوكتشين Arabs in blockchain) which aspires to strengthen & empower the Arab blockchain community by facilitating the knowhow transfer, eliminating the language barrier, and connecting the global and the local community in Blockchain. 

Eman Hirawy

Nisreen Deeb

Location - Lebanon                                  

Nisreen Deeb a business and IT Consultant, Social Entrepreneur, and the executive director of the Lebanese League for Women in Business, an organization that empowers women in all sectors including women SMEs, entrepreneurs, women in IT and women on board, and co- founder of many initiatives to empower the youth and the women in STEAM. 

nisreen deeb

Kholoud Alyami

Location - Saudi Arabia

Analytical Skills Professional with several years of experience in various business domains in financial sector . Proficient knowledge on IT life cycle, Management and service delivery models across different IT areas. proficient knowledge in Distrusted Ledger Technology DLT and its applications especially Central Bank Digital currency CBDC. 

kholoud alyami

Laila Al Hadhrami

Location - Oman

Laila is currently Smart Cities Development Manager in NEC in Oman with experience more than 17 years in leading National projects in Digital Transformation and Government Innovation. She is one of the leading experts in Smart Cities in Middle East and she is a Smart Cities associate in RMA advisory.

Laila al hadhrami

Amna Usman Chaudhry

Location -  UAE

Amna has been passionately involved in the blockchain space before it went mainstream and was a member of the first cohort of the Oxford Blockchain Strategy Program by the prestigious University of Oxford. She was a founding member of Blockclean in 2018. She is also a founding member of the Oxford Blockchain Foundation, a 190+ member organization spread across the globe. 

Amna chaudhry

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