Meta DevCircle Beirut  Meetup Event

December 17, 2022 by
Meta DevCircle Beirut  Meetup Event
DxTalks, Ibrahim Kazeem

DevCircle Beirut Set for End of the Year Meetup Event

Make it a date with the Developer Circle Beirut End of the year Event on December 20th to discuss these topics:

-How to develop an idea into a product?

-How to create a successful start-up with a coherent technical team (PM/PO/CTO/Dev)?

-How to guarantee companies’ sustainable growth & continuous cycle of innovation?

-What are the different career path in tech?

-When and how can we move from one to another?

-How to identify needed learnings to do such a shift?

-Is specialization a must moving forward, and how to define seniority?

The list of Speakers include:
Abdullah Bakhach, CTO at toters delivery
Salah Awad, CTO at Intalio, and DevC Beirut Lead
Ali El Kontar, Founder and CEO at Zero&One
Rawad Assaf, Founding Partner at RAMS Services
Lilian Abou Zeki, Innovation and Design in Humanitarian Development practitioner
Tony Feghaly, Founder and CEO at POTECH — “Paths of Technology”

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Register with the link below:

Dxtalks is the media partner for this event.

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Meta DevCircle Beirut  Meetup Event
DxTalks, Ibrahim Kazeem December 17, 2022
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