Press Release - partnership with Pakistan Blockchain Institute PBI

August 16, 2021 by
Press Release - partnership with Pakistan Blockchain Institute PBI

DxTalks announces strategic partnership with
Pakistan Blockchain institute

August 16, 2021- DxTalks has entered into a strategic Media partnership with Pakistan Blockchain Institute (PBI).

The partnership will revolve around bringing forward and cooperate on matters of mutual benefit related to  Blockchain education, training(s) and workshop(s)  in the region Greater Middle East and North Africa (GMENA).

Also to bring further awareness on the blockchain technology in the region, and subsequently, create a strong supportive community and  lots of opportunities

In this regards, PARTNERS look forward to fostering a strong relationship in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region landscape as part of PARTNERS coordinated effort to build the Blockchain ecosystem.


About DxTalks

DxTalks is part of BCCManagement and is an open Platform to the Digital Transformation Network & Community to advance by bringing value and knowledge in the latest progression of emergent technologies, strategies.
We Consult, Host & Organize events, Train and bring Valuable programs & workshops.

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About Pakistan Blockchain Institute

Pakistan Blockchain institute is focusing on provding the information realted to Blockchain technology by educating, researching & consutling, as this institutional change PBI is trying their best to show people the real potential of the Blockchain Technology.

Vision of our Founder & CEO Mr. Ahmad Manzoor is to make people self-sufficient and self-employed to do work without any dependency, to work as one-stop-shop for their projects.

This is not just an institution, we will take you through the roller coaster ride of your career & your life.

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Partnership Date: 16 August 2021



Press Release - partnership with Pakistan Blockchain Institute PBI
DxTalks August 16, 2021