The Story of the Dubai Flying cars which will take Traffic Away Forever

October 17, 2022 by
The Story of the Dubai Flying cars which will take Traffic Away Forever

The Story of the Dubai Flying cars which will take Traffic Away Forever

For people who live in Dubai, especially in urban areas, the sight of long traffic on the roads is not new. This occurrence has been there for a while, and apart from causing delays, it is annoying to some extent.

However, the Dubai traffic situation look set to be dumped in the history bin as the Emirate host the first electric flying car that will convey people and luggage in record time today.

At the ongoing Dubai’s Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (Gitex), one of the side attractions is the display of the evTOL flying car to hundreds of innovators, business owners, and captains of industries around.

There are many reasons why the Dubai Flying car will be revolutionary in the transport and tourism sectors as it gains the attention of top leaders in the innovative industry. This latest technology is another testament to the robust investment the Dubai Emirates has made in the technological sector and a pointer to the strides the emirates will hit in the coming years.

Quick Facts about the Dubai Flying cars

  • It is produced by Wisk Ventures, a combination of renowned Jet Manufacturing Company Boeing and Kitty Hawk, the company that is famed for the Wright Brother’s flagship flight in 1903.
  • Boeing is looking to transform air travel, culminating in developing air taxis that make transportation more accessible and faster, especially in urban cities like Dubai and others.
  • The Dubai Flying cars are the ‘most refined of their kind in Wisk’s Generation 6 evTOL air taxis.
  • According to the Wisk ventures, the air taxi uses the same proven technology that makes up for more than 93 percent of automated pilot operations on regular planes.
  • The Dubai flying cars have a top speed of 222km/hour and can fly as high as 762 meters to 1,220 meters.
  • It can carry as many as four people together with their luggage.
  • It is a haven of comfort with several notable features like Wi-Fi, charging ports, and (stunning leather seats)


The Dubai Air Taxi is a fantastic innovation that will have far-reaching impacts across different value chains when it starts operating fully. Significantly, it will further promote tourism, reduce travel time and improve business efficiency in the emirates. Also, it is a good source of employment and can help the government generate more revenues.

In the next few years, we could have more air taxis flying over the skies of Dubai than ground taxis driving through, and this will be a further testament to the technological growth in Dubai and its readiness to be the go-to destination for innovations.

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The Story of the Dubai Flying cars which will take Traffic Away Forever
DxTalks October 17, 2022