April 13, 2022 by

Announcement of partnership DxTalks with  Fintech Week London 2022

Fintech is progressing leaps and bounds and has improved financial services making it easy and quicker for the consumer to get on board in making important financial decisions.

In turn this helps businesses improve their customer/client services, retention and increase revenue.

Which is why we’re excited for Fintech Week London 2022.

We’re proud to be official partners of Fintech Week London.

Fintech Week London 2022 is a 5-day event with a 2-day in-person conference on the 11th and 12th July. On these days, you're going to hear from over 150 fintech experts who have incredible knowledge that will give you insights and ideas into fintech.

Not only will you get insights and ideas but you can also network and meet with like-minded people like us.

Dedicate 2 days to learning from over 150 experts, attend the Industry Party on the 11th July and get the opportunity to network in-person and online.

Click here to registerhttps://www.fintechweek.london/event/0d7c012f-8593-4b1a-a93d-0d4a22b5b9b9/summary?utm_campaign=MediaPartner&utm_medium=organic&utm_source=DXTalks

Plus you can get access to 15% off your ticket cost. Use the discount code DXTalks15 at checkout.