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The Main Asia Metaverse Conference Was Successfully Held on 24-26 May, 2022

Asia Metaverse Conference was successfully held on May 24-26, with more than 45 featured speakers, 50+ global media partners, 100+ conference partners and 1,300+ attendees from over 20 countries participated at the conference. The event was a showcase for the fastest growing and most innovative Metaverse Companies.

Some of the many brilliant speakers that took to the stage at Asia Metaverse Conference were:

  • MetaTokyo, Takayuki Suzuki, CEO

  • India Blockchain Alliance, Raj Kapoor, Founder

  • Metafluence, Emin Vali, Co-Founder and CMO

  • MARVRUS, Yongmin Cho, Chief Strategy Officer

  • Gumi Cryptos Capital, Miko Matsumura, General Partner

  • Block Tides, Myrtle Anne Ramos, Founder and CEO

  • LOCGame, Mik Mironov, CEO

  • Duelist King, Nicole Nguyen, CMO

  • Arcus, Rommel Carlos, CEO

There were also more than 50 media and industry analysts at the event to report on the many significant industry announcements.

Some Metaverse topics discussed during the 3 days event:

  • Metaverse Projects Video Showcase

  • How is the Metaverse Market Developing in Asia?

  • Rise of the Metaverse: a Silicon Valley VC perspective

  • How Metaverse Can Play a Role in Crypto Gaming?

  • The Future of Metaverse

  • The Future Development and Trends of Metaverse in Polkadot

  • Are We Metaverse – Ready?

  • 4 Different ways to connect your games to the Metaverse

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