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Blockchain Factory EXPO

Blockchain Factory EXPO “BFE” is the new Blockchain lead in the Middle East Region

 that will launch in the Kingdom of Bahrain, offering opportunities for both Blockchain enterprises and investors to engage face-to-face in one place, that is offering Exhibitions, Conferences, Gallery, Workshops, Awards, Entertainment and Raffle Draws.

BFE is powered by Art Questter agency and will be conducted in the heart of Middle East in the Kingdom of Bahrain between January 19th to January 23rd, 2023, at Sakhir.

BFE intends to link community and Blockchain masters from across the world, it is designed to attract the future generation that could be interested traders or investors, who would love to know more about Blockchain, NFT’s, Crypto world, Web3, Metaverse and all FinTech. By participating as an exhibitor, sponsor, speaker or all, it will lead to increasing your brand awareness as well as help generate more investors.

Bahrain’s government is highly supportive for digital currencies, blockchain and all futuristic technology, this includes the Bahrain Central Bank’s approval too. They have given three licenses so far to three Crypto platforms (Rain, CoinMena and now Binance). Both Rain and CoinMena are Bahrain based platforms while Binance it’s a worldwide platform and have their office in Bahrain as their first branch in the GCC countries. The Bahraini Government are also leaning towards launching the Local currency - “Digital Dinar” from the Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). Crypto is indeed the future and has the full support of the Bahraini government.

BFE have signed partnership agreement with Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance “BIBF” to be the official “Learning Partner” for BlockchainFactory Expo. The BIBF is the leading training and education provider in the region and is affiliated to the Central Bank of Bahrain. The Institute plays a vital role in the development of human capital in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and 64 other countries worldwide. Read More: Our aim is to bring in international exhibitors, speakers, artists and mentors to be a part of this grand event. The expo will include exhibition, conferences, workshops, NFT gallery and Gaming competition, which will help build a bridge between existing and new investors with blockchain leaders. It will be a great opportunity for everyone who attends to network and build relationships while marching into the crypto currencies, NFT, and the Blockchain technologies.

Despite how advanced technology in the world gets, people still trust products or services that they can see, touch, and feel with their own eyes and hands. We understand this and hence invite you to be a part of the EXPO so that you can get the first hand feel and knowledge about BFE. This will definitely be an important factor towards gaining your trust and raising your awareness in the Blockchain world.

We believe in giving back to the community and promise to donate to the orphans and widows affected by covid adversity. Therefore, your participation will increase our contribution towards them.

To register for the event, please go through our website, for more

details you can contact us by email at or call/WhatsApp on +973 3666 5950.  

All early birds’ sponsorships and expo bookings will receive 30% discounts.

We look forward to seeing you at this unique event, learning about BFE and sharing your knowledge and exploring a whole new world of innumerable opportunities.

Don’t miss out and make sure you are a part of the very exciting BlockchainFactory Expo!

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