Celebrating excellence and charity at the SiGMA Eurasia 2024 Awards

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Celebrating excellence and charity at the SiGMA Eurasia 2024 Awards

The SiGMA Eurasia 2024 Awards night, made possibly by courtesy of BetConstruct, was not just a gathering of industry professionals; it was a celebration of innovation, excellence, and philanthropy. AS the evening unfolded, twenty-four awards were handed out in an evening of glamour, entertainment, and giving back, held in grand style at a venue filled with 400 esteemed guests at the Inter Continental Hotel at the Dubai Festival City.

The hosts of the evening, Mark Anthony Borg and Lilly Douse, brought their charm and wit to the forefront, guiding the attendees through a night of celebration and generosity. The culmination of the evening was the auction, hosted by the dynamic Rick Goddard. With his inimitable style and infectious energy, Goddard captivated the audience, driving bids higher and higher with each item up for auction. Including both paintings and sculptures, the auction featured an array of coveted items, all in support of a noble cause. The 7 pieces up for auction were won by Match Liquidity, Payment Center and PIN-UP Partners, who raised an amazing total of €96,000.

What made the auction even more meaningful was that the proceeds would be donated to the SiGMA Foundation, a testament to the industry’s commitment to giving back and making a positive impact. Every bid placed was not just a gesture of appreciation for the items on offer but also a contribution to meaningful initiatives championed by the foundation.

Adding to the spectacle were LED dancers, whose electrifying performances dazzled the audience and added an extra layer of excitement to the festivities. Their mesmerizing displays of light and movement added a modern flair to the evening, ensuring that every moment was filled with wonder and delight.

The awards of the night were as follows:

  1. Media 24 – Best Affiliate 2024
  2. Chilli Partners – Best Affiliate Program 2024
  3. WA.Technology – Best Aggregator 2024
  4. Fastex – Best Crypto Payment Solution 2024
  5. Spribe – Best Game Provider 2024
  6. FinteqHub – Industry Rising Star 2024
  7. GR8 Tech – Best Online Sportsbook Provider 2024
  8. Imagine Live – Best Live Casino Provider 2024
  9. Payment Center – Best Online Payment Services 2024
  10. BFTH arena – Outstanding contribution to gaming 2024
  11. Playlogiq – Best Platform 2024
  12. Royal Partners – Best Workplace 2024
  13. Negrete – Best influencer 2024
  14. Infocredit Group – Best KYC Solution 2024
  15. Bets.io – Best Crypto Casino 2024
  16. Kakadu Casino – Best Casino Operator 2024
  17. 22bet – Best Sportsbook Operator 2024
  18. PIN – UP partners – Best Marketing Campaign 2024
  19. Alfaleads Network – Best Affiliate Network 2024
  20. Simon Lidzen – Best CEO 2024
  21. GG.bet – Best eSport Operator 2024
  22. Uplatform – Best Virtual Sports Provider 2024
  23. PUNIN Group – Best investor 2024
  24. 1xbet – Best mobile casino experience 2024

Celebrating excellence and charity at the SiGMA Eurasia 2024 Awards
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