Fintech in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Revel in the Movement

September 8, 2023 by
Fintech in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Revel in the Movement

Fintech in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Revel in the Movement 

Amongst esteemed Partners such as Kyndryl – the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider – Verve Management is thrilled to announce an unmissable opportunity for banking professionals to delve  into the world of fintech technology and banking innovation – the Future Banks Summit & Awards KSA  at the Riyadh Marriott Hotel, Saudi Arabia on September 11th & 12th

With successive advancements in digitalization within the financial sector, the 4th Annual Future Banks  Summit this year will take on a whole host of thought leaders, experts, and enthusiasts, focused on the  conversation surrounding technological empowerment in The Kingdom. 

Promising an array of insightful discussions and interactions, attendees can expect to dive into topics  surrounding the realms of; Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, AI and Machine Learning in FinanceRegTech, Compliance, API Innovation, and Open Banking

Verve Management is setting out to unveil an extraordinary roster of speakers at the Future Banks  Summit this year, amongst whom are: 

• Fionnuala Morris – Vice President and Managing Director, Kyndryl Middle East • Ahmed Darwish – Head of Digital Delivery, Bank Albilad 

• Ali Al Ghamdi – Director of Digital Banking Operations, Bank Saudi Fransi • Osama Bukhari – CEO, The Saudi International Chambers of Commerce • Issa Al Hurimmeess – Country Head MSB & Small Business, Al Rajhi Bank • Abdullah Alshahrani – Business Development & Digital Transformation Director, Tamweel  Aloula 

• Abdullah Alghofaily – VP Digital, LIV-KSA 

• Fahad Al Juwaidi – CEO, First Abu Dhabi Bank - KSA 

"Saudi Arabia is witnessing a remarkable stride in digital transformation within its financial services  sector," says Fionnuala Morris. “At Kyndryl, we take immense pride in supporting the evolution of the  sector and being the partner of choice to some of the leading players in the Kingdom as they advance on  their digital journeys.”. 

Each attendee brings in an invaluable perspective, fostering an atmosphere surrounding knowledge,  collaboration, and trends that are vital to the transformation and Saudi’s Vision 2030. Secure a spot now and witness the conversation, first-hand. 

Register now by reaching out at , and visit the website .
Fintech in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Revel in the Movement
DxTalks September 8, 2023
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