Less than 2 Weeks left for India’s Only Speech-Tech & Voice AI Focussed Conference & Exhibition, organised by The Future Event!

June 3, 2023 by
Less than 2 Weeks left for India’s Only Speech-Tech & Voice AI Focussed  Conference & Exhibition, organised by The Future Event!

 Less than 2 Weeks left for India’s Only Speech-Tech & Voice AI Focussed  Conference & Exhibition, organised by The Future Event! 

New Delhi, India: The 3rd Edition of the SpeechTech Summit India 2023, organised by The Future  Event Media & Productions, is being hosted on 15th & 16th June 2023 at the Sheraton, New Delhi.  Designed to host industry experts, in charge of the contact centre and customer experience and are  early adopters of speech or voice technology in the Indian market, the B2B platform of the summit  will reflect the latest tendencies and recent application changes in the voice recognition space in the  Indian market. 

Bringing together 1000+ attendees, 100+ prescheduled meetings, 45+ expert speakers, 40+ solution  providers, the summit will be the perfect combination of informative sessions, keynotes, and panel  discussions that will provide the attendees with actionable insights into their business strategies.  Some of the key topics that will be covered during these 2-days are: 

• Future of Voice Technology & Bhārat Bhāsā 

• How Recognition Technology has Evolved Call Centers 

• Speech AI Industry Use Cases 

• Speech Technology in Healthcare 

• The Advantages of Speech Recognition for Retail and E-Commerce 

• Digital Speech Assistants and Future of In-Vehicle Control 

• How AI and ML enabled Speech have gathered steam and where they fall short • Ushering an era of inclusive ICTs with Multilingual Speech 

• Evolution of Speech Assistance in Banking Industry 

• How Speech AI Is Changing the Insurance Industry: 

• The Art and Science of Conversation Design 

• Privacy & Ethics in Speech Technology 

The largest technology expo will also be covering the growth scope & latest technological trends of  speech technology in BPO & Call Centers, BFSI, Retail & E-commerce, Insurance, Airlines & Hotels,  Telecom, Automotive, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment Industry. Apart from covering these  sectors, the attendees can also expect: 

• Understand how the latest developments in Speech technology to give one a window into  how the customer experience will be revolutionised. 

• Learn lessons from the giants dominating the Speech sphere – be it Alexa, Google Assistant  or Cortana – hear from the inside how they think Speech will change it all. 

• Find out how to get personalisation right as a new wave of data analytics opens new doors  to customer insights. 

• Network with leaders across multiple sectors and discover the blueprint for transforming  one’s business strategies. 

Tackling the tough questions to delivering critical insight for the affluentials in the speechtech  ecosystem, this 2-day experience is one to watch out for. To be a part of India only speech  technology- focussed conference & exhibition, visit: https://speechtechsummit.com

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