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Ever since the dawn of time, it has been known that women play a prominent role in society, strongly committing to the value of being prime decision-makers. According to statistics, recently, the growth in women-owned businesses has exceeded – nearly by double– the overall development of new businesses. We can credit this to the fact that women at the leadership level possess varied experiences, and by bringing innovation to the table, tactful strategy development and effective decision-making are fruitful consequences.

With that being said, Verve Management is proud to host the inaugural edition of the Middle East Women Leaders’ Summit – Under the Patronage of The Private Office of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al-Qassimi. The summit is set to take place on November 2nd and the 3rd, at the Address Marina, Dubai, UAE, where the goal is to promote the recognition of the fact that women are team-oriented, collaborative, and passionate, bringing a multitude of skills and perspectives to leadership. At the summit, prepare yourself for a roster of exceptional speakers, pioneers, and professionals who’ve reached ultimate highs in their careers through sheer drive and determination. Moreover, allow yourself to gain an insightful perception of the challenges that women encounter on a daily, and how they’ve overcome any obstacle with pride, coming out the other side thriving.

In the presence of some powerful speakers, engage in discussions revolving around the transformation of the narrative of women in decision-making roles while accelerating through challenges, the evolution of women influencers within the MENA region, and emotional intelligence & how it has the ability to create a ripple effect of changes across all sectors.

Just a few of the most successful women in the Middle East that we’re set to have in attendance, to lead some scintillating discussions at the summit this year are:

·         Vineeta Singh – CEO & Co-Founder of Sugar Cosmetics India

·         Salama Mohamed – Founder & CEO of Peacefull Cosmetics LLC

·         Almas Jiwani – President & CEO of Emeritus UN Women Canada NC/Almas Jiwani Foundation

·         Nour Al Hassan – CEO of Tarjama

·         Shada El Borno – Managing Director at Standard Chartered Bank

·         Heather Henyon – Founding Partner at Mindshift Capital

·         Anushca Ahmed Iqbal – CEO & Co-Founder of Spotii

·         Linda Jane Fitz-Alan – Registrar & Chief Executive, ADGM Courts at Abu Dhabi Global Market Courts

·         Hon. Lujaina Mohsin Darwish – Chairperson at ITICS – Mohsin Haider Darwish LLC

“I want to give people the confidence to be comfortable in their skin and thus be at peace.”, says Salama Mohamed – Founder & CEO of Peacefull Cosmetics; this wraps up our aim for this summit perfectly, which is to give women the recognition they deserve, to realize their importance and the power that they hold within society.

We’re excited to be accompanied by some of the most resilient women in the region and delve deep into conversation stemming from women’s empowerment, among a diverse range of panels and keynotes.

Register to be a part of the summit by reaching out to us at: info@verve-management.com

To learn more about this event, visit menawomenleaders.com