Proof of Talk conference showcases Web3’s bright future in traditional finance

July 1, 2024 by
Proof of Talk conference showcases Web3’s bright future in traditional finance

Paris, July 1, 2024 — Proof of Talk, the conference heralded as the Davos of Web3, has confirmed its status as the pre-eminent event where leaders from decentralized and traditional finance unite to discuss how to shape Web3’s future. Held at the iconic Museum of Decorative Arts in the Louvre Palace in Paris, the sold-out two-day conference brought together over 2500 ecosystem players on 10-11 June. These included executives and leaders from Franklin Templeton, MultiversX, Flow Traders, KKR, Polkadot, Solana Foundation, Galaxy Digital, Rhuna, Softbank Vision Fund, Layerzero, and Pantera. 


The summit took on all aspects of Web3, from fashion and lifestyle to regulation, blockchain interoperability, and the future of Bitcoin. A major theme was decentralization technology’s uptake in traditional finance. Sessions and panels recognized the positive effect recent spot ETF approvals and increased institutional participation have had on the space, while also acknowledging Web3 has not yet reached its potential. Specifically, opportunities abound using Web3 to enhance efficiency in traditional finance. Generally, both Web3 and traditional finance can be leveraged to improve not only financial services but nearly all sectors. 


Europe’s role in Web3 also received significant discussion. Here, panelists said the continent has shown consistent progress, a result of regulation and a focus on growth of emerging technologies. Still, leaders need to be educated to be able to better navigate the digital assets landscape. 


Artificial Intelligence and its integration into blockchain also took center stage, as on-chain AI can provide benefits for security, transparency, and privacy. Here, verifiable AI, which seeks to set rigorous engineering standards for AI systems, will play a key role in enchaining security standards. 


The crown jewel of the event was the Proof of Pitch startup competition, which combined boundary-pushing AI insights with the strategic acumen of leading VCs like Pantera, Spartan Group, Greenfield Capital, and Arrington Capital, to find the best Web3 startups. Thirteen finalists pitched, with cross-chain lending interoperability provider Soul coming out on top, winning a prize pool of over € 1 million. The runners-up were Usual, a real-world assets bridge for DeFi liquidity, and AI-startup Assisterr.


Zohair Dehnadi, Co-Founder, Proof of Talk and Partner, X-Ventures: “The air at the event was electric. There were so many thought-provoking discussions on building what’s next in Web3. People from infrastructure companies and crypto exchanges to traditional asset managers, market makers, and fashion brands came together to listen, learn, and debate, truly making our goal of bringing decentralization to life a reality. A big thanks is in order to all of our sponsors and partners, who were essential for creating such an unforgettable event. I’m also very happy to officially announce we’ll be back next year in June for the third edition of Proof of Talk!” 


Dr. Matthias Reiser, Co-Founder, Proof of Talk and Partner, X-Ventures: “Web3’s potential utility for financial services and our world is nearly unlimited. Yet builders need to feel empowered and supported to accomplish this. Our event offered this essential element in all of its sessions, discussions, and workshops along with one other important characteristic: collaboration. We have truly assembled the right mix of people from Web3 and traditional finance who are keen to build a decentralized future, and I’d like to extend my gratitude to everyone who attended” 


About Proof of Talk

Proof of Talk is setting a new standard in the Web3 conference landscape, positioning itself not just as another web3 conference but as a pivotal forum where the promise of decentralization comes to life. The summit uniquely combines the essence of traditional economic forums with the dynamic, decentralized Web3 community, fostering an innovative ecosystem of dialogue and action. It stands as a platform for change, where every voice, from the seasoned economist to the radical Web3 founder, contributes to a collective vision of a decentralized economic future. By facilitating engaging discussions and unparalleled networking, participants shape this new landscape. Learn more at


Proof of Talk conference showcases Web3’s bright future in traditional finance
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