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DxTalks Founder and CEO, Rudy ShouShany shines at Reflect Tech Festival 2022

DxTalks Founder and CEO, Rudy ShouShany attended the Reflect Festival, the biggest tech event on the island. It was a wonderful event with several big wigs in the tech industry converging and baring their thoughts on technology, politics, money, health, relationships, society, business & entrepreneurship, and sustainability.

According to the organizers of the Reflect festival on their website, “Reflect is the most rewarding & fun event, gathering more than 3000 students, entrepreneurs, businessmen, academics, investors and enthusiasts, eager to build their business and personally grow, meet, chat, listen, learn and celebrate. Reflect covers the most intriguing aspects of our future including technology, society, business & entrepreneurship, sustainability, politics, money, health, and relationships.

Reflect Festival aligns with our long term vision to make Cyprus a future destination for the whole world and blend regional talent with capital and experiences of both local and international companies and investors. Furthermore, we truly believe that technology has the power to connect people no matter the race, culture or political preferences and so we are excited to be able to take advantage of proximity of Middle Eastern countries and attract people no matter where they come from.”

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DxTalks November 5, 2022